About Us.

It all started when I was a kid. Growing up I was always into art. I loved to escape into my sketchbook to lay down some lines on blank pieces of paper. As I grew older, I drifted away from the hand drawings and paintings. It wasn't until my early 30's when I started to get an itch for it again. This time, I wanted to implement wood as a medium. 

I quickly found that I had a passion for three things: The American Flag, South Carolina (my home state), and vintage design.

This is when American South Designs was born. 

What started out as a hobby making custom signs, shortly led to starting my own design shop on Etsy and building a partnership with 3 other designers for Patriot Nation Design.

We focus on offering high quality, precision oriented vector files that are tailored for those individuals that use CNC wood routers, and CO2/Fiber Laser Engraving machines, along with vinyl cutting machines, sublimation, screen printing and more. 

We also own and operate a part-time CNC and Laser Engraving business where we offer all of our digital products as physical products. We take pride in all of our products and taking care of our customers. We hope to build lasting relationships with you in the future.