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The Original Wooden 3D Folded Flag Display

The Original Wooden 3D Folded Flag Display

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When a loved one passes that served our country. They are traditionally honored at burial with an American flag that had draped their coffin. There is usually only 1 and it is given to the next closest person in the family. These were designed to replicate the burial flag, as a way to offer a replica to those that cannot possess the original flag.

The 3D Model for this flag was designed based on my Grandfather's Folded Flag that we received after he passed away. If you are looking for something that is special, sentimental, thoughtful, or you just want to honor someone close to you. This is the perfect item.

These are made from oak, so you can be assured that it will last a long time.

These can be made to hang on your wall or mounted to a wooden base. The wooden base is designed to allow for engraving. 

Message us directly to give details for engraving. 


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